Crisis Intervention Certification Handbook

Crisis Intervention Certification Handbook


Andy Prisco, CCIS-V        Laura Moss, CCIS-IV       Rich Pfeiffer, PhD

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 The first and only certification in crisis intervention today from a professional, mental health association, this Crisis Intervention Certification Handbook explores crisis from three different angles.


  • The first module, Understanding Ourselves, helps to explain how the conditions of our own lives as well as our work and family cultures influence us. It lays out specific ways we can begin to be effectively look at the choices we make every day and begin to see how these choices effect a crisis. It will also be important to understand how our own flight/ flight/ freeze response can be managed so that we do not escalate the crisis.
  • The second module, Understanding the Person-In-Crisis (PIC), will give you an in-depth, trauma-informed, psychological overview of the PIC. In this module, you will gain insight and background on why some of the most challenging and difficult people you will ever face are the way they are. What, in his or her background, could possibly produce someone so aggressive, violent, irreverent and dangerous? Once you have a strong foundation regarding the impact you have on the PIC you are now ready to dig into how to effectively do crisis intervention…
  • Module three, Understanding the Crisis, will offer you the opportunity to bring together all the knowledge you have gained in Modules I & II and begin to apply it in an algorithm called INSERT. In this module, you will learn the hands-on skills, techniques and verbal prompts you need to successfully navigate a crisis and resolve it in a non-violent way. These skills and techniques will be practiced more thoroughly during the live training. This module requires practice and training.
  • An essential component of this program is the debut of a new and expanded Continuum of Force. 
  • Other tools such as the Anger/ Anxiety Log, Mindfulness techniques, de-escalation techniques and more make this handbook useful and easy to apply.


Andrew Prisco, is the founder and developer of the largest, legislatively funded, psychiatric emergency response team program in the United States. He is a consultant to behavioral health care, law enforcement, and correctional systems throughout the Pacific Northwest. He is a Certified Crisis Intervention Specialist-V with the National Anger Management Association (NAMA) and lives with his fiancée and two daughters in the South Puget Sound, WA region.

Laura Moss, is a Certified Anger Management Specialist-IV as an Authorized Supervisor and Diplomate for the National Anger Management Association (NAMA), a Certified Integrative Life Coach through the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, as well as, a graduate of the Psychiatric Response Team Academy, WA. She is Co-Director of Growth Central and lives in New York City. Ms. Moss is researching and exploring new ways to bring body/ mind awareness to the fields of crisis intervention and anger management.

Rich Pfeiffer, PhD is the founder of Growth Central, a Distinguished Diplomate of the National Anger Management Association (NAMA), and an internationally recognized leader of anger management training programs. He has written over 20 books including the Anger Management Workbook & Curriculum, Creating Real Relationships, and the Real Solution Anger Management Workbook. Dr. Pfeiffer has provided psychological services for over thirty years and lives in Greenville, SC.

**Note: Although this handbook may be purchased alone, it is designed to use as part of the Certified Crisis Intervention Specialist training which is a live, in-person training held at various times of the year. If you purchase the handbook alone, we strong recommend considering also attending a live training for hands-on application. 

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