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6 Contact Hours of CE – NASW (Approval # 886531153-1175)


Ethical Concerns and Moral Neuroscience Considerations in Anger Management and  Domestic Violence Offender Counseling. (5 hours 19 minutes –  Test of material will be administered)

6 Contact Hours of Continuing Education Credit  (NAMA) Note: Many states and fields (social work, psychology, etc.) require practitioners to take ethics classes on a regular basis. This course may meet the requirements of your field and state; however, it is not possible for NAMA to guarantee it. If this matter is significant in your situation you should contact your state professional office for guidance.

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The Ethics Course features Dr. Ron Potter-Efron whose experience, research and wealth of knowledge in the field of neuroscience has earned the endorsement of the National Anger Management Association (NAMA). The integration of ethics and neuroscience proves significant for the counseling of anger management and domestic violence in particular and for all mental health practitioners.


  • Spheres of Morality
  • How Clients Avoid Taking Ethical Responsibility
  • How Counselors Avoid Taking Ethical Responsibility
  • Practicality, Legality, Ethics and Wisdom
  • Codes of Ethics
  • Diversity and Ethical Responsibility
  • Confidentiality
  • Protective Orders
  • Ethical Discions
  • Neural Underpinnings of Moral Judgement and Behavior
  • The Psychopathic Brain
  • Schools of Ethics
  • Emotions and Ethical Judgement
  • Ethics of Care
  • Natural Law Ethics
  • Virtue Ethics

Ronald T. Potter-Efron, MSW, PhD, is a clinical psychotherapist who specializes in domestic violence, anger management, and the treatment of addictions. He is a Distinguished Diplomate of the National Anger Management Association (NAMA) and the author of many books including “Angry All the Time” and the “Handbook of Anger Management and Domestic Violence Offender Treatment”.

Running Time: 5 hours 19 min. DVD 2 Disc Set $ 89.95

Ethics Course $89.95  Order Now

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