Parent Training Workbook and Curriculum

Parent Training Workbook and Curriculum – Softcover


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This workbook is both for interested parents and also the major resource for professionals to become a Certified Parent Training Specialist (CPTS). The CPTS certification from the National Anger Management Association (NAMA) is provided to those professionals who want to offer Parent Training classes, workshops, groups, individual and couple sessions.

The Parenting Workbook and Curriculum addresses mind, body, soul and spirit of the child/adolescent and the parent. It looks at what can be done to serve the fullest unfolding of a human being during the incredibly formative and fertile early period of life. This workbook seeks to deepen, broaden, and heighten your insight, awareness, and integrity of action in relation to the infant and growing child/adolescent. One of the distinguishing marks of a wisdom approach is the growing capacity to hold and live with paradoxes, to dance with seeming opposites rather than resorting to an either/or stance. In the context of raising a child/adolescent, this ability is tested at times to an extreme degree in the simultaneous need for offering one’s child unconditional love and support and providing direction, guidance, and at times very clear boundaries and correction. In addition, the absolutely critical and transformative role of the parent is considered: what does it mean, both practically and spiritually, to be informed and infused, authentic and present, open to transform and evolve in the parent-child/adolescent relationship?