Real Solution Anger Management Workbook

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Real Solution Anger Management Workbook



The Anger Management Workbook And Curriculum, Real Solutions Handbook On Anger Management, Kids And Teens, Depression, Shame And More…

Chronic anger can be costly, both physically and emotionally. Most people can use their anger in appropriate ways in some situations, and yet be ineffectual in others. Working with The Real Solution Anger Management Workbook reduces levels of anger, especially in provocative situations. You will learn effective coping behaviors to stop escalation and to resolve conflicts. Graduated homework assignments allow participants to apply their newly acquired skills. The Real Solution Anger Management Workbook employs the three major anger management interventions by using model presentations, rehearsal, positive feedback and promoting.

“I ordered The Real Solution Anger Management Workbook and found it to be extremely helpful. The skills I found have really helped me at work and at home. Thank You!” Jim W., Dallas, Tex.



Skills and Concepts

  • Anger Is a Two-Step Process
  • Coping Is Better Than Blaming
  • Ventilation Doesn’t Work
  • The Problem with Shame
  • Anger Is Different From Aggression
  • Relaxation Skills:
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • Relaxation Without Tension
  • Special Place Visualization
  • Breathing-Cued Relaxation
  • Cognitive Control Concepts
  • ABC Cognitive Theory
  • Trigger Thoughts
  • Primitive Brain and Evolved Brain
  • The “Big Question”


  • To reduce levels of anger in provocative situations
  • To learn effective coping behaviors in order to halt escalation and to resolve conflicts
  • The goal is not to talk about each member’s anger experience, to process anger, to understand individuals’ psychodynamics” of anger, or to ventilate anger


The Real Solution Anger Management Workbook uses a skill building format and each new skill relies, to some extent, on what has previously been learned, therefore participants are strongly encouraged to do all twelve (12) sessions.