Laura Beth Moss

LM_croppedLaura Beth Moss is an author, teacher and recognized anger expert. She is gifted with an ability to connect instantly with her clients and guide one’s internal intentions toward higher potentials. She is a Certified Integrative Life Coach through the International Association of Counselors and Therapists and co-author of an empathy-based, trauma-informed manual on Crisis Intervention. As a Certified Anger Management Specialist-IV, she is an Authorized Supervisor for the National Anger Management Association (NAMA). Specializing in helping people to understand and reconstruct their personal narratives as well as explore and integrate emotional states, Laura Beth enjoys meeting her clients to coalesce and journey to a new place together. She engages story, curiosity, novelty, metaphor and her many years of personal exploration to collaborate with her clients to shift to a more empowered and enlightened point of view. Self- care is a cornerstone of her lifestyle practice, “inner-action”. Seeing every perceived obstacle as an opportunity for tremendous personal growth, her passion is to bring her clients to a greater awareness of their internal states and tap in to greater clarity. Laura Beth has been practicing yoga, various forms of meditation, namely Vipassana, and mindfulness for over 20 years. She has a resilient, light and fun approach to facing adversity and experiencing transformation. She also coaches and trains mental health professionals all over the world to invigorate, direct their practices and work with anger in their clients.

Growing up in the foothills of NC, Laura Beth moved to NYC after graduating from The University of the North Carolina School of the Arts. She has been a successful Broadway, film and television actress as well as a top-tier NYC real estate professional.

As a CAMS-IV, Laura Beth has studied and works with Dr. Richard Pfeiffer. She has studied hypnosis techniques with Melissa Tiers as well as Dr. Jon Connelly. Laura Beth can be contacted by e-mail Here

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Working with Ms. Moss was a pleasure. It was a breath of fresh air dealing with someone who shares a passion of other’s wellbeing. Ms. Moss has been very informative. She has boost my confidence in my ability to encourage clients.

Sherice Lott, NJ


I can’t thank you enough for your time and thoughtfulness in working with me. You really have helped me immensely and I’ve been eager to incorporate the techniques I’ve learned not only into my Anger Management class sessions, but in my day-to-day work. You really helped me hone in on my role in helping the kids I work with identify where their anger stems from so that they can address it appropriately.

Whitney, IO


Working with Laura has been an enriching experience. Laura has a warm and engaging personality and her passion for her work shines through all that she does. Laura has a wealth of knowledge that takes Anger Management techniques to a multi-dimensional level. Her input has helped me to deepen and strengthen my skills.

Anne, NY