Welcome To Growth Central!

Welcome to Growth Central! I’m Laura Moss, Co- Director of Growth Central. We are a business devoted to education, growth of the individual as well as the culture at large, and we don’t exist without your involvement. With our new website, we are creating an online community resource center and we hope you will check in from time to time with us. Here, you can find our state-of-the-art Anger Management trainings, materials and the latest thoughts directly from Dr. Rich Pfeiffer, Director and Founder.

Our Coaching page offers the services of myself, and Coach Evan Lozada. Whether you are looking for anger management coaching or looking to make a life change, test your potential for greatness, take your practice or business to the next level, or simply need support during a challenging time, we are interested in partnering with you.

We will be expanding our site to offer a Kids page where you can find workbooks as well as fun and helpful information for kids, adolescents and teens. We hope to make it fun enough even kids will want to visit! Expect a Yoga Pose of the Month, Poem of the Month and other exciting activities you can do with the kids in your life.

Growth Publishing is our books, DVDs, online downloads, workbooks, resource center and online library. We are striving to bring you the latest and best in anger management and personal growth so check back often as we will be adding more and more for your business, practice and personal use.

Moreover, THANK YOU for visiting. We welcome your feedback so feel free to drop us a line at info@growthcentral.com. More soon! Laura