Review: Empathy Workbook and Curriculum

What we understand about empathy now far exceeds what we once understood about it, and some of the evidence we have accrued is absolutely fascinating. For example, a research team from Oxford led by Eiluned Pearce evaluated differences between the brains of our species and that of Neanderthals. What they... Read more

Aggressive Behavior – A Concise Guide for Professionals

Aggressive behavior is a complex subject and its development in individuals is multifaceted. This guide offers professionals a concise and well organized overview of the essentials. Professionals are concerned with understanding the causes as well as effective evidence based programs for dealing with the prevention and intervention of aggressive behavior.... Read more

Review of Puffy Gets Angry

New resource for children… Reviewed By Rosie Malezer for Readers’ Favorite Puffy Gets Angry is a children’s picture book written by Rich Pfeiffer and Susie Post Roberts. Puffy is a puffer fish with anger management issues. When he gets angry, Puffy puffs up into a round ball with spikes, scaring... Read more