Anger Management for Teens

Anger Management for Teens – DVD


DVD Anger Management for Teens

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Anger Management for Teens – DVD © 2011
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This Video offers practical skills and concepts designed to help teens to choose how to respond in healthy ways rather than automatically react to provocative situations. Viewing this program, both high school and middle school age students will (1) learn how to identify anger in themselves and those around them; (2) understand why automatic anger reactions are so destructive; (3) become aware of how anger gets repressed, and the physical and mental results from it; and (4) learn to express anger and other negative emotions in an appropriate and safe way. Interviews with teens and  anger management experts increases the information and interest for adolescents. Real life illustrations in which students model both unhealthy and healthy responses help to make this video an effective teaching aid.

Skills and Concepts

  • Learn to recognize anger in self and others
  • Learn Triggers that lead to anger
  • Learn your Choices that lead out of destructive anger
  • Learn how to catch anger before it escalates


  • To reduce levels of anger in provocative situations
  • To learn effective coping behaviors in order to halt escalation and to resolve conflicts
  • To complement the use of the Anger Management Workbook for Kids & Teens