New Certified Domestic Violence Specialist Training and Review

Here at Growth Central, we are excited to announce that we are offering a new certification: Certified Domestic Violence Specialist (CDVS-I). We believe that it is crucial to continue to explore and expand the ways to treat and think about Domestic Violence. Dr. Ron and Pat Potter-Efron have done just this with this new CDVS-I certification endorsed by The National Anger Management Association. With the training, Dr. Ron and Pat have developed a Domestic Violence Leader’s Curriculum along with 13, 26, and 52 week Participant Workbooks which integrate anger management tools and introduces a Brain Change program. This Domestic Violence treatment approach is innovative, invigorating, hopeful and easy to use.

As Avraham Azrieli writes in his review of the program:

“Brain Change Curriculum for Domestic Violence Offender Treatment” provides excellent training session outlines and descriptions, log book and homework, as well as insightful yet accessible discussions of brain change, cognitive and behavioral modifications, stress management skills, conflict resolution skills, substance abuse, selfishness vs. mutual caring, as well as “The big three: depression, impulsive anger/aggression and bing drinking.

For questions about this new certification and training, please contact us!