Real Solution Self Esteem Workbook

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Real Solution Self Esteem Workbook



Most people have self esteem behavior in some situations, and yet be ineffectual in others. The Real Solution Self Esteem Workbook expands the number of situations in which you can choose Self Esteem behavior. When a person is passive, opportunities are lost and unpleasant situations are tolerated. In time, bad feelings can build to a point where one more event can trigger an explosion of resentment that in turn provokes criticism or rejection. Graduated homework assignments allow participants to apply their newly acquired skills. The Real Solution Self Esteem Workbook emphasizes the building of self esteem skills, using model presentation, rehearsal, positive feedback, prompting, and homework assignments.

“The Real Solution Self Esteem Workbook helped me in so many ways at work with my boss and in my relationship. I can’t believe how effective it was. I will not feel depressed ever again.”    Louise F., San Francisco, CA.



Skills and Concepts

  • Learn to Identify your own behavior as Self Esteem, Aggressive, or Passive
  • Three Modes of Communicating
  • Learn to distinguish between the Three Modes of Communicating
  • Defining criteria for measuring change in Self Esteem Behavior
  • Basic premises underlying the Three Modes of Communicating
  • Identifying traditional assumptions and Countering with Self Esteem Rights
  • Broken Record Technique
  • Confronting your fears about Self Esteem Behavior
  • Criticism as Manipulation
  • Acknowledgment
  • Clouding
  • Probing
  • Content-to-Process shift
  • Time Out
  • Slowing Down
  • Self Esteem Position Statement
  • Self Esteem Listening
  • Self Esteem Position Statement – Expressing and Listening
  • Workable Compromise


  • To learn Self Esteem Behavior Skills used in a variety of settings to improve your relationships both work and personal
  • To distinguish Self Esteem from Aggressive and Passive communication
  • To distinguish Self Esteem rights from myths about self esteem behavior
  • To explore your fears about Self Esteem Behavior


The Real Solution Self Esteem Workbook uses a skill building format and each new skill relies, to some extent, on what has previously been learned, therefore participants are strongly encouraged to do all eight (8) sessions. The Workbook contains all of the Skills and Concepts, exercises, and homework assignments used in The Self Esteem Individual Program.