Growth Central Online Anger Management Training

Growth Central’s online Anger Management training exceeded my expectations. What I found most helpful about the training was the way in which it was delivered, Dr. Phifer was very clear and down to earth with his presentations. I particularly found the module-by-module presentations of how to under the complexities of the brain and anger management very helpful. The online portal was very easy to navigate and I believe this training will be beneficial to anyone seeking quality training to facilitate anger management education, counseling or coaching. I was looking forward to working with people with anger management issues, this training gave me more confidence to do so! Also, the supervisions were par excellence (icing on the cake), Laura Moss is an exceptionally gifted clinician. I found her to be very knowledgeable and helpful in clarifying any areas I had trouble understanding. Even after the supervisions she is quick to respond to any questions or requests for information I may have. In general, I found the training and supervisions to be very beneficial.
Dwight Pollock, BSBM, CAMS-1